What is Recrutist?
For Jobseeker: We are a smart platform which matches a job seeker with a job provider. Our algorithm does a matching based on your skillsets, CTC and other relevant parameters and provides you jobs which we think are most relevant for you. However, if you are not satisfied with the jobs from your job feed you can search and apply to any other job using search job feature of the portal.
For employer/recruiter:  Our Smart matchmaker platform serves as a smart recruitment tool to our recruiters and save them from the hassle of going through 100s of CVs manually.  Currently we don’t charge any access fee (neither recruiter nor job seeker). However, if you don’t get a suitable candidate from our platform, you can always drop us a message (through contact us form) and our consultants will help you in conducting your specialized search against a certain professional fee.

Does placing my resume on Recrutist guarantee me an interview call or access to exclusive jobs?
No and we don't make any such claims. Becoming our registered user does not mean that we will find jobs or follow up with the recruiters on your behalf. Similarly, we don't guarantee interview calls or jobs because that rests entirely in the hands of the hiring manager.