Hashout Software Technologies is an Indian company based in Bangalore providing high quality engineering services to companies worldwide. It thrives to provide the best quality solutions by following industry best practices to aide faster and continuous delivery of features. With the aim to set up the best talented team in key engineering roles, they reached out to Recrutist making them their primary Talent Acquisition Partner.

Recruitment Process
Challenge – We wanted a talented and experienced Interactive Developers team who could start work immediately.
Outcome – Recrutist setup the entire technical team on time.
Set out with high ambitions, our startup had to establish good and efficient resources in all functional areas quickly. Since we wanted teams who could start work with our clients immediately, it was a challenge to setup a functional team at such short time. Other than possessing good technical skills, the team also had to be aware of a startup environment and culture. With a good mix of aptitude and attitude they would be a part of something new and exciting. We had to be very fast in identifying the right talent and setting up a highly skilled and talented Developers team. That’s when we reached out to Recrutist to help us out and they did a brilliant job.

After scheduling preliminary interviews and eliminations, they sent us the shortlisted candidates for final selection process. Throughout the process, Recrutist maintained timely communication between the candidates and with us. Apart from having a smooth business association with Recrutist, we were highly satisfied with the talent we acquired. Recrutist has a well informed and qualified team who understand the requirements perfectly. They put together the required team in place well within the schedule.

Shivanand Yeurkar ,

Co Founder and Solutions Architect


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