“Hide not your talents, they for use were made, What’s a sundial in the shade?” 
― Benjamin Franklin

Top Talent is a priceless commodity for every company specially in the technology industry. The job-hopping attitude of the millennials makes harder for the talent to be retained. Since India is brimming with millennials to join the workforce, the HR department has to take note of the changing attitudes and trends. Talent is also the supreme quality the interviewer is looking for in a candidate to fill in a more senior role too. How then will you hire top talent and more importantly retain them?

Pay attention to employee well-being

Every successful global company will agree that paying attention to the happiness and well-being of their employees is pertinent. This should be the first thing on every organization’s list. The employee must be interested and motivated to work and achieve every day. Attention to the employee state of well-being can sometimes prove to be a good turn-around for the management.

Encourage employees to take time off and spend time with family, friends and also to follow their passions. Give back by encouraging flexible work hours, attractive perks or extra day-offs.

Encourage internal relocation

Scout for talent within the organization and provide opportunities for internal relocation. The HR department can act as a placement agency to facilitate this. They now have a higher role of identifying talents for specific skill set or qualifications across different locations within their organization. If employees can fill up newly vacant positions with minimal training, then that should be presented to them before scouting talent from outside. This will give a chance to grow in a new role in a new location to them.

Nurture a path of career growth

There must be enough space and opportunities created for the worthy employees who aspire to take up senior roles and contribute. The HR again plays an important role here to provide such roles and opportunities. The HR global managers along with the senior leadership can identify in-house talent and support any trainings. This will encourage the right talent to move upward.

With global programs that will focus on growth of senior roles this can be achieved. Coaching the hired talent for upward positions will turn out a win-win to the employees and the managers/HR. The right talent can be retained by providing timely promotions to high performing roles.

Provide effective feedback

Feedback always improves performances. Training and assessments must be a part of the employee growth and a 360-degree feedback approach to every role is proven effective. Make the feedback session for an employee engaging and participative for all the parties involved; be it HR, manager or the employee.

Effective communication must be the goal for the feedback session followed by required training to ensure a good career growth for the employee.

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